Driftwood Fish Wall Hanging

The minute I saw these driftwood fish in Marshall's I new I wanted one.  I could either pay the cost of the fish or I could make myself one or two for free! I choose free...

cardboard fish and scissors

Luckily I live near a beach so driftwood is not a problem to find around here. 

Please take the time to visit the bold blue links in this post to find more information and the products I recommend to make this project. 

If you don't live near a beach, driftwood can be bought at craft stores and on Amazon. 

All I needed for this project was hot glue, cardboard, and driftwood. 

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First, I cut a piece of heavy cardboard into a fish shape. 

I knew the cardboard that came with my Amazon food order was going to come in handy for something! 

Next, I laid the driftwood pieces down along the fish. 

laying driftwood in shape of a fish

I tried to find pieces that fit the width of the fish, smaller on the ends and longer in the center. 

I used the hot glue to glue the sticks down to the cardboard. 

driftwood pieces in size order

I added gills using a curved piece of driftwood and a rock for the eye. 

driftwood fish face with rock eye

I used smaller driftwood pieces for the tail. 

driftwood pieces on the tail

Lastly, I added a sawtooth hanger with a blob of hot glue to the back of the fish so I could hang it on the wall. 

This was such a simple project, why pay for it at Marshalls when you can make it for free? 

fish shape made with driftwood pieces

driftwood fish on a blue and white table runner

I liked it so much I made another one, this time I used an oyster shell for the fin and a rock for the eye. 

driftwood fish shape with shell fin

This one I painted with white spray paint. 

spray painted fish sculpture

white driftwood fish hanging on the wall

They look great hung separately or together on the wall. 

white and natural driftwood fish

It's a great decoration for the summer months! 

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driftwood fish pin

So is this hanging driftwood fish mobile I made a few summers ago! 

fish made from driftwood

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driftwood fish shape with rock eye

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