Repurposed Driftwood Projects

Driftwood lovers pay attention to this... Here are 
6 fun projects you can make with driftwood of all sizes!

On this trip to the shore we rolled this giant piece of driftwood all the way to the car. It was well worth the effort when I created this Driftwood House Number.

A drifted 2x4 with a beautiful rusted nail patina made the perfect Driftwood Candle & Vase Holder for the center of my table. 

A simple wire and a stencil was added to this piece of driftwood to create a beautiful Driftwood Beach Photo Display.

When I used a beautiful piece of driftwood to create this Driftwood Laundry Sign it sold in no time! 

This gorgeous large plank of driftwood made a beautiful Driftwood Lighthouse for the deck. 

 One of my favorite projects was created by using small driftwood pieces to make Driftwood Wind Chimes

If you don't live near the beach you can get that beachy look on your own by using reclaimed wood. Create a weathered look by distressing the wood with sandpaper and a hammer then leave it outside in the elements to gain a weathered patina.


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