Neutral Christmas Block Sign

This project was a no brainer! My daughter gifted me a box of vintage children's alphabet blocks and my head started spelling!

I love the used and battered look of these old blocks and I had a plan. 

I was going to paint them! 

This easy project can be done in no time and took very little skill! 

Take a look...

Noel children's blocks with trees

I began with the 2 kinds of children's blocks in the box. What could I spell? JOY? NOEL? PEACE? The problem is there weren't enough blocks to use most of them. 

children's blocks

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I decided to go ahead with the traditional lettered blocks. 

children's blocks with magnified letters

I built a base for the blocks the same width and length as the 4 blocks in a row. 

white primed children's blocks

I used wood glue to attach the blocks then gave them a spray painted coat of primer. 

I'm going to admit right now, for some reason the primer didn't stick to the other blocks, they seemed to be coated in some kind of wax and they were a FAIL. Into the trash they went but luckily I have a whole bunch more! Maybe I'll just let the kids have them LOL! 

After that I used Raw Silk by Fusion Mineral Paint to give the blocks 2 good coats. 

painted children's blocks

When the paint dried I used a Sharpie marker to fill in the raised letters. It was really a cinch to do and took minutes. 

NOEL sign with Sharpie

Lastly, I sanded the edges of the blocks. 

Noel sign and coffee mugs

It couldn't have been easier to turn these adorable children's blocks into a black and white beauty for Christmas. 


brick wall and noel sign with trees and reindeer

Mix the blocks in with bottle brush trees and little houses on shelves

rustic baby block sign with trees

Add the blocks to a wreath. 

Noel sign in a wreath

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baby blocks, houses and overlay

Wherever you display these cute blocks they're going to look great! I love the black and white, it goes with the neutral Christmas look I'm going for this year. 

NOEL block sign and trees


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block sign, trees and reindeer


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