DIY Gilded Gold Dollar Tree Ornaments

Some say gold leaf, gilded, gold leafing... call it what you want it is beautiful and can make a simple dollar store ornament look great! 

You can do this process on ornaments you already have or buy a sleeve of them for $1.25 at the dollar store and make them over! 

That's what I did! Take a look...

gilded gold leafed dollar tree ornament on basket

I began with a tube of Dollar Tree ornaments. I chose the gold, it has sparkle gold and plain gold. 

dollar tree ornaments

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I'm using the plain gold ornaments in the sleeve for this project. The first thing I did was to pull off the cheap little plastic hanger tops. They came off very easily. I used a chalky paint to paint them black, let them dry, then gave them a second coat. 

painted black tops

I did nothing to the Christmas balls except paint a little gold leaf adhesive onto them and let it dry.  On some of the balls I painted the top and some the bottom of the ornaments with adhesive. 

painted adhesive on ornaments

When the adhesive dried it was time to add the gold leaf. I opened up the book of gold leaf paper and just placed the ornament with the adhesive side down onto the gold leaf page. The gold leaf immediately adheres to the glue. 

gold leaf

The glue is very sticky so prepare to have gold leaf all over you and your ornament. 😂

I used a soft brush to remove as much of the gold leaf as would brush off on the ornaments. I do love the look of the flakey gold!  

gold leaf on ornaments

I put the black hanger tops back onto the ornaments and this time they look so much more high end than they did before! 

gold leaf balls with black hangers

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gold leafed ornaments with black tops and overlay

gilded ornaments with overlay

What did I do with the sparkly ornaments that came in the pack? I added them to a round basket filled with pinecones, my cement beads, and the bumpy vase I made a while back. 

basket of pinecones, beads, and sparkly ornaments


gold leaf gilded ornaments

These little pretties are the first ornaments on my tree this year and I am looking forward to finishing it up with more fun DIY ornaments.

gilded ornament on flocked tree

gold leaf ornament on flocked tree


flocked tree with gilded ornaments


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gold gilded ornaments in a basket


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