Metal Snowflake Garland with Patina

Recently I found a great bag of discarded ornaments at the thrift store including these metal snowflake ornaments. 

Today I'm going to show you how to give metal snowflakes a beautiful rustic brass patina. 

The snowflakes look amazing now hanging on a rag garland. 

I can't wait to decorate for Christmas! Take a look...

snowflake garland in a pinecone basket

Aren't they gorgeous! 

Here is the stash I started with from the thrift store. 

thrift store ornaments

You can see the brown and green snowflakes at the top, those are the ones I'm redoing today! 

First I removed all the tags and jute twine. 

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I spray painted the green snowflakes with a white glossy spray paint then when they dried I added a little very fine glitter.

white spray painted snowflakes

The brown metal snowflakes got a more complicated technique. 

First I painted on the adhesive for gold leafing, when it was dry I laid a piece of gold leaf over the snowflake and with a dry brush I patted down the gold leaf. 

gold leafed metal snowflake

Next, I used a matte sealer to dull the look of the gold leaf. Then used black spray paint and held it high above the snowflakes to just give them a fine spray. If I held the can a little off center I got black splatter on the snowflakes which turned out great! 

gold leaf patina on snowflakes

Then I used a green copper colored paint to drop it in a few random places on the snowflakes to look like a metal patina. 

snowflakes with patina

I think they look amazing! 

gold leaf patina on snowflake

Lastly, I tore 1" strips of a faded cotton curtain I saved and tied them together. 

snowflake garland on peg shelf

I tied the white and gold snowflakes along the rag strip and added a few more bows of rag strip. 

These snowflakes sure came a long way baby! 


white and gold snowflakes

I will be using these to hang from hooks in my home when I am ready to decorate for Christmas. 

Here is another fun snowflake garland I made last year using dollar store finds. 

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snowflake pin with overlay


That old bag of thrifted ornaments sure gave me a bunch of great projects! 

gold snowflake

garland of beads and snowflakes

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basket of pinecone snowflakes


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