Easy Christmas Stick Star Wreath with DIY Bells

 Every now and then I find a project in the store that I want to make myself so I snap a photo. 

Just about as soon as I get home I whip out the supplies I need to make the project and if I'm lucky I already have what I need. 

Today's project uses supplies I found around the house. You may have some of them too. 

It all began with 5 straight sticks from the yard. 

Take a look... 

target metal star

The star in the store was a little different and it was made of metal, it also lit up. I'm making a similar star today from sticks and DIY bells and yes, of course you can make it light up too! 

The sticks I'm using came from a stick table runner I bought for $5 at the thrift store a while back. I've made so many projects from it, it was well worth the 5 bucks! You can see some of these projects by visiting the bold blue link above! ↑

stick table runner

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You can grab straight sticks from the yard for this project that are about 16" long but any length is fine. 

I laid the sticks into a star shape then used hot glue to attach the corners. 

sticks laid out in a star

stick corners with hot glue

I wrapped the corners of the star with a waxed twine I had in my workshop. 

twine wrapped corners

I also made a loop of waxed twine to hang the star. 

twine loop for star

Lastly, I spray painted the star with a flat matte black spray paint. 

black spray painted stick star

I grabbed a couple stems of holiday greenery but then needed a bell... 

So I made one! 

I cut a few pieces of roof flashing into small rectangles. Roof flashing can be found at the hardware store and a roll will last you forever and makes a bunch of great projects. 

metal flashing and chime

I rolled the rectangles into cones and used an awl tool to make a hole in the top of the cone. 

rolled flashing and chime

I also happened to have a few tiny chimes from a child's wind chime project but you can also use a stick as the bell clapper.

chime, jute and metal bell

I used a piece of jute to tie the chime to the cone with the hole in it then tied it to the greenery on my star. 

tiny bell with jute

I had a few extra pieces of flashing so I made 3 more bells. 

2 silver bells


Please pin ---->> 

DIY Silver bell pin with overlay


I wrapped the bells together with a length of jute, I wrapped up and down the gathered jute until it formed a bundle. 

silver bells on pegs

I made myself 2 cute projects for the price of one! 

bundle of silver bells

silver bell star pin


basket with stick star and pinecones

And one last thing... you can wrap the star with tiny fairy lights and light up the Christmas night! 

stick star wreath with lights

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stick star hanging on pegs


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