Rusty Metal NOEL Christmas Banner

 Today I'm re-creating a project I saw online. 

I liked the idea of the Christmas banner I saw but distressed and rusty were my goal for the remake. 

If you haven't seen how to recreate the look of rust, you're going to be amazed! 

I'm very happy with the way my Christmas banner came out and it was very easy to use with no special tools. 

Take a look...

rusty banner NOEL and candle

I began with a roll of metal roof flashing. It is usually made for the roof and around the chimney. Don't ask me I really don't know but I do know that roof flashing works great for so many fun projects! 

roll of metal flashing


The roof flashing cuts really easy so I used a paper cutter to cut 4 rectangles about 3" x 5".

cutting metal with paper cutter

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metal rectangles

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Then I used a pair of scissors to cut 2 triangles in the bottom for the flags. 

metal flags

Next, I painted the front of the metal flags with an off white chalk based paint by Fusion Mineral Paint. Chalk based paint like Fusion Mineral Paint sticks to glass and metal. I gave the flags a very rough coat letting some of the metal shine through. 

chalk painted metal flags

I punched holes in the top of the flags for the roping. I used a heavy duty hole punch to go through the metal, this hole punch goes through cardboard, metal, and other heavy materials. It works great! 

Now you can use a vinyl cutter, stencils, or this method to make the letters. I printed my letters on the computer then scribbled with pencil on the back of the paper and traced over the letters leaving a shadow of the letter on the flag. You can see how this was done in this post. 

pencii scribble on back of letters

tracing N onto flag

metal flag with pencil N

I used a red Sharpie paint pen to fill in the letter. You can use paint but the pen worked quickly and it was very precise. 

sharpie marker L on flag

red letters on flags

NOEL letters on metal flags

When the lettering dried I used black paint to make lines and then dabbed the paint in random places on the flag. 

black lines on metal flags

black smudges and lines on flags

I used Mod Podge over the black paint then sprinkled cinnamon over the wet Mod Podge. When it dried I used more Mod Podge over the top to seal the cinnamon. 

cinnamon and Mod Podge on flags

Lastly, I used torn drop cloth fabric to make a rag rope to string the flags onto.  

rusty metal flags with letters on rope

This metal banner with the rusty technique came out so cute I can't wait to hang it for Christmas! 

NOEL banner hanging on hooks

I'm loving it on the board and batten wall with hooks I made in my entrance last year. 

Noel banner and candle


NOEL banner on stone wall

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rusty NOEL banner on fireplace

Fusion Mineral Paint provided me with the paint for this project, all opinions are my own. 


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