Make a Chippy Christmas Sign

Sometimes the chippier the sign the more I like it. It must be the farmhouse lover in me. 

Today I'm grabbing some pallet wood I had in my workshop and got to work creating a beautifully chippy and simple Christmas sign. 

Reuse what you have or grab a few boards from the hardware store, it's easy to do! 

Take a peek...

chippy christmas sign

I began with this reclaimed pallet piece that came from an old children's sandbox we once had. 

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I've used many of the pieces from that set over the years, it was the perfect recycle! 

The board had already been primed so in order to give it the chippiest look I could, I rubbed a little furniture wax over the board before I painted it. 

I used Fusion Mineral paint in Casement with a tiny roller to cover the board. 

white pallet board

When the paint was dry I was ready to stencil. I created my own stencil using my Cricuit Joy vinyl cutting machine. 

Cricut joy machine

If you don't own a vinyl cutting machine you can still make this project by printing out the words on a computer and transferring them onto the wood using transfer paper. This tiny machine is really all you need to create signs of almost any kind! 

stencils and black paint

In this case I stenciled the design onto the board using black craft paint. This blue stencil vinyl works great and there is no leakage! 

machine with stencil vinyl

I pulled off the stencil vinyl as soon as I was finished stenciling then let it dry. 

merry and bright sign

When the paint was dry I used an electric sander to distress the sign. You can see just how chippy the center of my sign turned out where I applied the furniture wax. 

Lastly, I sprayed the sign with a matte sealer to prevent any more chips from happening. 

wooden trim stained brown

I decided to frame the sign using trim boards from the hardware store. I brought them home and stained the boards then cut them to size measuring against the sides of the sign first. 

adding a frame to a chippy sign

I attached the frame boards using a nail gun but you can also use small nails and wood glue. 

chippy framed Christmas sign

The frame makes the chippy sign look even cuter and I can't wait to put out my Christmas decorations this year and use this chippy farmhouse sign in my decor! 


chippy christmas sign

I think I may be ready to start decorating for Christmas! 

Merry and bright sign with a candle

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chippy sign with overlay


Christmas sign with fairy lights



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