Painted Canvas Book Cover

 Sometimes one project becomes another. 

If I don't sell, or I have no use for a project, I usually recycle it. 

I use many of the things I made for my house and in the past sold things in my little shop space. 

This is true with today's project, it was too cute to throw away so I am recycling it for a completely different use and surprise, no Christmas today!

American flag journal cover

The project began as a piece of drop cloth fabric I turned into a heavy canvas and then stenciled an American flag on it. 

flag on hanger

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Painted flag canvas on vintage hanger

I attached it to a vintage hanger then hung it in my garden all spring. 

flag on screen in garden


You can read all about the steps to making this heavy canvas here

star stencil on flag canvas

I am happy to say it held up very well in the weather so I saved it. 

I made a very popular similar one for my shop at one time

See it on Pinterest! 

open sign on vintage hanger

Today I'm using the American flag canvas for a completely different idea. 

Keep in mind that this heavy canvas can be painted with any design in any color. 

Today I'm turning that flag canvas into a book cover. A book cover for my daily agenda book. 

flag book cover with pen

It was so simple to do this, all I did was to measure the width of the agenda book and cut the canvas. There is no need to turn under a hem because the heavy canvas doesn't fray. 

open book with folded edges

I left a few inches at the ends of the canvas flag to turn over and hot glue to the front and back of the agenda book.   

agenda book with folded flag edges

On the inside of the agenda book I used cardboard tab divider stickers to create an index for each month. 

side of agenda book with index tabs

I also added washi tape and decorative month tape to the inside to give my book a personalized look. 

open agenda book with tabs

The cover actually feels like leather and this can be done on journals, date books, notebooks, or anywhere you want a heavy duty decorative cover. 

American flag book cover

You can also glue it on the edges only so that your book slips in and out of the cover.


I think it gave my agenda book a truly weathered, heavy duty cover that will last longer than the agenda probably will!

Red, white and blue journal cover and coffee mug

It looks great on the desk in my office too

I hope you will think about repurposing something you already have and turn it into something new! 

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flag cover with overlay pin


flag cover with coffee mug

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red, white and blue book cover




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