DIY Rusty Jingle Bells

These large bells came from the thrift store but needed a little somethin' somethin' to make them even better! 

The bells were already painted brown and if yours are not, this project can easily start with a can of brown spray paint. 

See how easy it was to turn a set of bells into rusty jingle bells with a technique you'll want to use on everything! 

Take a look....

rusty bells on board and batten hooks

So a few years ago I bought an ugly metal sign and turned into a rusty farmhouse sign in no time! You can read all about this rust treatment here.

rusty farmhouse sign

Fast forward to yesterday when I found a couple of great bags of thrift store junk hanging on the wall. You know those little bags filled with little things the thrift store doesn't know what to do with...

Well, one bag had fabulous little items I used to make several Christmas garlands. 

thrif store ornaments

The second bag had giant bells in it. 

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The bells were great, kind of spray painted brown but nothing special. I knew I could use the same technique I used above for making them rusty as I did on the sign, so I did. 

Before I started I gave the bells a few shots of black matte spray paint. It left speckled areas of distressing on the bells.

Then I used my cinnamon technique to give these plain Jane bells a little beautiful rust. 

bells with mod podge

The best part is that the bells smell good when you're finished! 

bells, mod podge and cinnamon

I made little rusty bells way back in 2012 with a real rusting technique. It is hard to believe that 10 years has passed since I started Homeroad! 

rusty bells

Anyway, back to the big bells...

You can really see the gritty texture of this rust technique when I hyper focus on them. 

rusty bells with hyper focus

I found a great wired twine at the dollar store similar to this one, and it was just perfect for hanging these rustic bells. 

You can add ribbons to the twine to make it more festive but I like the simple rustic look. 

bells hanging on jute

These look so pretty hanging on the board and batten hooks we put up in my entryway when we renovated our first floor

bells on hooks with Jingle sign

I changed the sign with a little photo shopping to cover the name of my hometown. Well? What else should it say?! 😂

bells hanging in entry with jingle sign

I hope you like this easy rusty bell technique and you'll give it a try on anything you want to age with a little faux rust! 


gritty jingle bells

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rusty bells with overlay

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rusty bell garland


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