DIY Beaded Christmas Garlands

Beaded garlands are so easy to make, its like making a necklace! 😂

The three beaded garlands I am making today are perfect for decorating a tree or just hanging around on a peg shelf. 

It all started with a trip to the thrift store and those mystery bags they have hanging on the wall that were filled with Christmas treasures! 

Take a look ...

wooden beaded garlands on a hook rack

Yep, those bags on the wall of the thrift store where they throw all the little treasures they don't know what to do with. 

They are hoping someone like me will come along and pick one just to see how much fun I can have with what is inside. 

This time my little bag was filled with mini Christmas ornaments just ready for turning into great projects for the holidays! 

trees, snowflakes and star ornaments

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I loved the cute little Christmas trees and hearts! I began by using the unfinished wooden beads I purchased on Amazon a while back. Honestly, I've used these for so many projects and the price was right! 

bag of beads

I grabbed all the Christmas trees and untied the knot in them.

pile of green trees

I spread them out on the table and cut the twine on them in half. The twine now has 2 ends that will let me tie them to my garland. 

tree ornament with string

I strung 5 wooden beads onto a 6' piece of jute then tied on a Christmas tree. 

5 wooden beads

I kept this going... 

beads and tree on garland

5 beads then a tree, 5 beads and then a tree until I reached the other end of my twine. 

wooden beads and trees

wooden beads and trees garland

I love this adorable wooden beaded garland. 

wooden beads with trees

And wouldn't you know I did the same thing with the little hearts in the package! 

wooden beads and hearts

Now I have 2 beaded garlands I can either alone or together. 

beads, hearts and trees

I wasn't finished there. I also have a red wooden beaded garland that I've had for years.

wooden beads

I tore rag strips and tied them to the garland. I had to remove about 10 beads in order to make the rag bows fit.

red beads and rag bows

I gave this plain old red beaded garland a homespun look! 

red beads and rag bow garland on hooks


Any way you bead it, these garlands are adorable for hanging anywhere during the holidays. Wrap lights around them and make them light up the night!

Check out the faux mercury glass ornament garland I made recently! 

beaded garlands on hook rack

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wooden beaded garland with overlay

Look carefully at those bags hanging on the wall at the thrift store and think about how you can use them to create something great! 

wooden beads with trees

Stay tuned for a project using those metal snowflakes from the bag too! 

beaded garlands on a hook rack


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Beaded garland with rag bows


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