Mid Century Modern Mobile Wall Hanging

Seriously, the prices some places charge for home decor!!

But my job is to get the look for less. What can I repurpose or recreate to get the look of what is trending? 

Today I was inspired by ornaments from the Target dollar spot and with a little paint and a few quick cuts I recreated a fun look for my wall. 

Come see...

green wall with lamp

Do you need something to decorate your space? Well when I say this project was easy to do, I mean it! 

This may not cover your whole wall but the size you create is up to you. 

Just a few straight cuts and a few holes drilled into the thin wood of an ornament I found in the dollar spot. You can also use something like these. 

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dollar spot wooden ornaments

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I'm also thinking that if you don't saw wood you could recreate this with heavy card stock. 

First, I removed the tassel and the jute from 2 circular wooden ornaments. 

I drew a line across the center of the ornament and cut it in half. 

supplies and cut pieces

Next, I drew out "my design" on a piece of paper and gathered my supplies...

By the way, I use the macrame string and the wooden beads on tons of projects!! Visit the blue links for more information.

pieces needed for wall hanging

I had all the supplies ready to go! 

I began by arranging my pieces according to my design then figuring out which pieces I wanted to paint and which to leave the natural wood. 

I chose a terra cotta color and a fern green for my paint colors. 

Once all the pieces were dry, I gave them a quick sanding to distress. This part is totally optional, I am just a distressed kind of girl! 

green and terra cotta pieces

I used the macrame twine to tie the pieces together and to create a hanger at the top. At the bottom of the wall hanging I tied on several strings to create fringe. 

wall hanging with fringe

This project can be made larger or smaller depending on your needs. Need a large wall hanging? You could cut these shapes out of plywood! 

mid century wall hanging

The stores are selling these wall hangings for $50-over $100 if you can even believe that! 

wall hanging pin with overlay

I made mine for less than $5! 


wall hanging on hook

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mid century wall hanging with overlay


tobacco baskets and wall hanging

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green and terra cotta wall hanging



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