Beaded Gnome Christmas Garland

Yep, I'm at it again with another holiday garland you can make for less! 

This time I visited Hobby Lobby for my supplies... There was a 66% off sale on Christmas and I knew I would never get out of there alive but I went! 

I filled my cart with supplies of all kinds to create Christmas crafts for less. 

Today I'm creating a Christmas gnome garland that is both simple and adorable...


beaded gnome garland

Like I said Christmas was on BIG sale and I couldn't resist filling my cart!

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I found these adorable little gnome head ornaments. They were $2 a package of 4. 

beads and packages of gnome heads

And this 6' length of beads that was $3, less than you could buy the beads for! 

beaded garland

I removed the gnomes from the package but left the strings that were attached to their hats.

gnome heads

I cut the string at the tie then tied one on in the center of the 6' length of beads. 

gnome head on beaded garland

Next, I found the center of the beads again and tied on another to the left and right of the first gnome. 

beads with gnome heads

I kept finding the center between the gnomes and tying on another until the whole beaded garland was full of cute little gnome heads. 

beads with gnome heads

I trimmed the strings on the gnome heads and I was finished. I like things simple but if you want to add bows between the gnome heads you could do that too. 

beads with gnome heads

gnome garland

A simple garland to decorate for the Holidays!

circle of beads with gnomes


beaded gnome garland

Please pin --->>

gnome garland pin with overlay

Hang it on the tree or wrap it around your favorite vintage piece! 

vintage scale and garland with gnomes


row of gnomes and beads

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vintage screen, plant, scale and garland




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