Grain Sack Bench Cushion Makeover

This was an amazingly quick project that made a world of difference to my front porch. 

I have a tiny front porch with a bench. The bench had a store bought cushion on it and it was boring! 

Today I'm using scraps of grain sack fabric from another project to create a new holiday look for the bench on my front porch. It's a casual look that screams "come sit".

Take a look...

bench with cushion and pillows

The other day I was scrolling through Facebook when I found the prettiest front porch. It was so pretty that I had to figure out how I could make mine look as good. I especially had my eye on the grain sack cushion cover on the bench! 

My goal was to create a new bench cushion using the form from the one I already had. The first thing I did was to remove the old stained cover from the bench cushion. The cushion had a zipper on the back so it was simple to remove. 

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I gathered a piece of scrap grain sack I had for the top of my cushion cover and a piece of painter's cloth fabric for the back.

grain sack fabric

I bought the grain sack fabric years ago from Decor Steals but I haven't seen it on there since.  

I used some of this great grain sack fabric before when I made an easy headboard for the guest room. 


For the cushion cover, I laid the cushion on top of the fabric and cut around it leaving about a 2" border. 

grain sack fabric with cushion on top

Now I'm going to cheat a little because I've made so many projects with fabric hot glue and they have held up so well that I'm going to use it for this project too. 

As a matter of fact I tried to get a pillow cover apart that I had made a while back with fabric hot glue and it was very difficult! 


I used the fabric hot glue to glue the 2 layers together around 3 sides then turned the cover inside out. 

stuffing cover with cushion

I filled the cushion cover with the cushion then hot glued the last edge closed. 

grain sack fabric cushion cover

It really needs a little ironing! 😂

My new bench pillow cover looked amazing but I wasn't done there. 

grain sack bench cover

I remembered that I had a matching pillow I had made when I made the headboard.

grain sack pillow


I wanted to add a Christmas stencil to the pillow and I had just the right stencil! 

Most people would stencil the pillow before they stuffed the pillow but since the stenciled design was a complete afterthought I did it last. 

So here I am stenciling right on the stuffed pillow. It actually worked very well but would have been much easier prior to stuffing! 

hot cocoa stencil

I used one of the Christmas stencils from Old Sign Stencils. I've used the Christmas Blend Hot Cocoa stencil many times and it comes out great every time! 

stenciled pillow


Now as soon as I decorate the front porch with garland, wreaths and bells this bench is going to look amazing too!! 

red velvet pillows and stenciled pillow with cushion cover

Please pin --->>

bench cushion with overlay pin

Right now we are between holidays... we call it Thankmas at our house. Some of the pumpkins are still out and there are Christmas decorations mixed in. If you see a little orange from the pumpkins that are still on the porch, that is why! 

All I had to do for my fall sign was to flip it around and voila it was Christmas! 

bench with stenciled pillow

Love this cushion and matching pillow though it might be time to give the teak bench another makeover! 

     bench with pumpkins and fall pillow

Outdoor set for porch bench

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pillow and matching cushion with grain sack

Old Sign Stencil Provided me with the stencil, all opinions are my own! 



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