Christmas into Winter Decor

Ok, lets talk about taking down Christmas now... How long do you keep it up?

I like to make a gentle transition into winter in my house. 

I keep up many of the pine trees and dark green accents while adding a little snowflake action wherever I can. 

Today I'm repurposing my ceiling light and creating a "Christmas into Winter" decoration.

Take a look...

top view of candle holder with overlay

Truthfully, this cutie could have been out all Christmas season long. I could have filled it with greens and shiny ornaments for a great holiday look. 

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But really... my house is just too full of Christmas items that I've made and I can't fit one more thing! 

It seems every time I see something, or I'm inspired by something, I make it. Until I just can't fit anymore, I think my last month of blogging will prove that

So when I needed to take down the ceiling light in my office I knew I just had to turn it into something great for winter. 

glass ceiling fixture globe

I think one of my favorite things to repurpose are lights and the glass globes. I've made a ton of projects with them. 

First, after washing the globe, I sat it onto a small, plain wreath. No glue involved which makes it easy to repurpose it again for next season! Keep in mind that when you swap out the wreath, you'll swap out the look! 

globe on wreath

I added another small wreath to the inside of the globe then filled it with pinecones and a battery operated candle. These candles have a remote and couldn't be easier to light up your home! 

globe with wreath inside

I could have also filled it with snowflakes, faux snow, anything that will look wintery. 

I added the globe and wreaths to a wooden pedestal bowl which gave it even more presence! 

candle holder on wooden pedestal base

See how easy it is to turn Christmas into winter?!

globe with battery candle


globe with candle, pinecones and a wreath

You don't need a ceiling globe but you can find them in the thrift store quite often. 

globe with candle and pinecones

You can also use an old clear flower vase, or maybe even a flat glass terrarium like this one.

top view of candle and pinecones in globe


So before you put away your Christmas decorations, save the plain wreaths and pine trees to decorate for winter!

candle display with snowflake on pedestal

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candle display with overlay

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globe with candle and wreath


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