Adorable Scrap Wood Standing Santa

If you love working with free scraps you're going to love this rag-tag standing Santa! He's made with reclaimed fence pieces and scrap fabric from the donation pile! He would look great on your front porch or by the fireplace! 

scrap wood fence pieces

First I began with 2 fence pieces I found on the side of the road at one time. 

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Lucky for me, these fence pieces were bundled up all pretty and ripe for the picking as I tossed the pile into the back of my car. 

I attached 2 boards with scrap wood, wood glue and small nails. 

boards with scrap wood to hold together

I painted the boards red on both sides. 

I used Rustoleum Chalked Paint in Farmhouse Red.

red boards

When the paint dried I attached a 1" scrap piece of torn drop cloth fabric with glue. 

drop cloth strip of fabric

I cut another piece of drop cloth fabric into a half circle for the face and glued it to the wood. 

drop cloth face

The size of the face you will need will depend on the width of the wood you are using. 

Next, I cut a scrap piece of sherpa fabric with a slit for a mouth and glued it on top of the drop cloth face. 

The sherpa fabric can be purchased on Amazon, use a scrap sweater like I did, or even cut up an inexpensive sherpa blanket. 

sherpa santa beard

I stapled the sherpa on both sides of the wood for extra hold. 

I used the same sherpa for these cozy pumpkins

Now it was time to make the hat...

I used an old scarf that was headed for the donation pile. 

scarf hat

I cut a piece to the size I wanted, folded a brim then stapled it onto the wood on the back. 

santa hat stapled to the back

The size and length of the hat is up to you, I made several different kinds on my Santas, this one has a Christmas ribbon. 

santa hat with bow

Next, I used a bead with only one hole as the nose. 

bead nose for Santa

I attached the nose to the face with wood glue and hot glue. 

I used a light pink color and a dry brush to give Santa a little blush. 

eyes and mouth and blush on Santa

Using the eraser on a pencil I made buttons down the front, eyes, and a mouth using craft paint. 

You could also use real buttons! 

paint buttons on fabric

I used jute twine to hang bells I had in my Christmas box around Santa's waist. 

bells and twine embellishment

You can add any kind of embellishment to your Santa including maybe a small wreath on the front. 

Santa in the workshop

An option is to add a small 2x4" piece to the bottom of the Santa so he can stand. 

2x4 stand for back of Santa

I think he came out adorable so I made a whole bunch more! 

2 different Santas

Each of the Santas I made is a little bit different from the next. 

Santa with scarf hat and bells

These Santas will look great on the front porch or leaning against the fireplace. 

Santa by the front door

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Santa outside on deck

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Santa face with scarf hat and sherpa beard


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