Cookie Cutter Door Hanger Bells

Here I go again making something that is completely difficult to photograph for a post! 

I was inspired by a trip to Target to create something cute that rings in the season every time you open the door. There is nothing like the sound of jingle bells 💗

Don't ask me how I think of these weird things, sometimes it just hits me! This one is a keeper! LOL

Take a look...

bell garland

So on one of my tri-weekly trips to Target I ran across a set of Christmas tree cookie cutters in the Hearth and Hand section. 

These cookie cutters were pretty cute, a great dark metal color and only 5 bucks. I thought they were way too cute to be cookie cutters so what else could I do with them? 

cookie cutters and bells

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I was also buying some bells on this trip. The Christmas shop has so many cute ornaments (that I really don't need) but couldn't resist. There was a set of 3 metal bells in different colors. I thought the silver bells would be great for what I was thinking. 

As soon as I got home I searched my workshop for a piece of leather and luckily found what I was looking for. 

leather and scissors

I cut the leather into strips and attached each of the Christmas trees with leather loops. You could also use ribbon if you had that on hand instead. 

hanging cookie cutters with leather

The biggest question was... Should the trees hang from largest to smallest or from smallest to largest?

Largest to smallest it was! I used hot glue to create loops of leather to attach the tree cookie cutters from largest to smallest. 

Tree cookie cutters with leather loops

bottom tree and bells

At the top I created a leather tab and punched a hole through the leather for a jute hanger. If you have never seen this hole puncher you need to know about it! This hole puncher punches through leather, heavy cardboard, even thin masonite board! I love it! 

Hole puncher and leather

Anyway, at the bottom, below the smallest cookie cutter tree I hung the silver bell ornament with hot glue and a piece of wrapped leather. 

strips of leather and bells

It was the cutest! 

bottom bells

I hung the trees with the bells on the front door so every time someone comes in and out the bells jingle. 

cookie cutter bells on front door knob


bells fading into distance

Of course you could hang it on the wall too but you wouldn't get the full bell effect! 

cookie cutter bells on wall

I'd say that was a cute and easy project for the holidays... and if you get tired of the jingling every time someone goes in or out, you could always take it apart and make cookies!! 😂

cookie cutter bells on door

See what I mean about trying to photograph these things? 😑


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cookie cutter bell pin with overlay

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front entry with bells on knob



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