Stenciled Rustic Trees for a Christmas Village

I'm at it again with the stenciling today and I'm here to tell you that not too many people do it perfectly. 

I am one of those imperfectly perfect stencilers but I know how to embellish and to make it look better than perfect. 

Today I'm stenciling Christmas trees on rough hewn wood and that is not easy! 

See what I mean...

trio of stenciled christmas trees

Rough hewn wood is very rough, the texture of the wood is split, un-sanded and basically very rustic. 

white painted rough hewn boards

I'm using a combination of two
Old Sign Stencils. One is similar to the large vertical Christmas sign I made last week only smaller. The other trees are basic triangles with embellishments you can add to each one. 

old sign stencils logo

So, like I said, rough hewn lumber is rough!! The first thing I did was to paint the boards with Raw Silk by Fusion Mineral Paint. I wasn't careful, didn't paint some of the sides and made it as uneven as I could... easy right?

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When the white paint dried I began my stenciling. The first one I did I used a combination of black and brown for the pallet colors. I had to use a very dry brush to keep the color from bleeding under the stencil since the wood was so rough. Also, always remember that you can go back in with a fine brush and the base color to fix any mistakes. I do it all the time!   

I used a fine Sharpie to add lines to the boards then I added a gold star and stars in the sky using Rub and Buff Gold Leaf.

pallet stenciled Christmas tree


The final thing I did for this one was to embellish it with some pine and berry branches that I painted freehand. 

The next tree was a basic triangle tree with a gift box at the bottom. I stenciled it with FMP in Bayberry then went back in with lighter shade of green and white to give it definition. 

tree with present and snowflakes

Snowflake stencil

Lastly, I added the snowflakes which is also part of the stenciling kit, a gold leaf star at the top using a gold leafing kit, and painted a red bow on the box. 

            gold leaf star

You can definitely stencil simple things with gold leaf, just paint the adhesive into the stencil and let it dry. Lay a piece of gold leaf over the dry adhesive and use a soft brush to remove the excess gold leaf. I use an old shoe brush. Easy as pie! 

Christmas tree with package and gold leaf star

The third tree was the smallest. Again, a basic triangle shape this time on a sled. The large snowflakes were also part of the kit. You can decorate each tree anyway you want to, there are several options in the stencil kit. 

tree with sled stencil

Lastly, I dotted the gold leaf adhesive around the tree to look like snowflakes and laid tiny piece of gold leaf on the dots. I used a soft brush to remove the excess and ended up with beautiful tiny gold snowflakes.  

tree with snowflakes and gold leaf snow

gold leaf snowflakes

tree with sled stencil

Each of the Christmas tree boards got a good sanding on the edges. I thought about antiquing the boards but decided against it at the last minute because the color went with the houses I had. 

Trio of stenciled and embellished Christmas trees

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stenciled tree pin

I'm adding these to the 2 village houses I found at the thrift store. I think they were originally a Target find and I painted the roofs black to make them very basic. 

If you'd like to make your own Christmas houses you can use another great Old Sign Stencil for Christmas Houses. The stencils make it so much easier to make the doors and windows on your houses! 


Trees and houses for Christmas

I think you're going to love these adorable tree stencils from Old Sign Stencils. There are so many variations of this project. 

trees and houses


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tree with sled and gold leaf snowflakes

Old Sign Stencils provided me with these stencils and Fusion Mineral Paint with the paint. All opinions are my own. 



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