Easy Tilt Frame Christmas Sign

Ah, Christmas church fairs, you've gotta love them! 

We have a church fair around here every Christmas and they have the BEST white elephant sale. 

Every year I find something I just love and this year I got lucky again. 

This time it took almost no time to turn this treasure into an easy to create Christmas sign with bells.

See what I mean...

tilt frame and cement vase

My project began with a simple, very old frame that tilts. I'm not exactly sure how old it was but the patina was perfect so it needed no paint or stain. It almost had a golden look to it. It is called an antique tilt frame if you would like more information. 

tilt frame


All I did for this project was to go to PicMonkey which is my photo editor. They do have a free version you could use for this. 

font on computer screen

You can also print from your computer using Word. You may even be able to save this one below. ↓ I'll leave a couple more ideas at the bottom of this post. 

jingle all the way font

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I made my design using text that I uploaded to the program called Chocolate Regular and printed it to plain white paper on my computer. 

epson printer

I use an Epson Eco Tank Printer and let me tell you this printer has saved me a fortune in ink! I used to use about $40 worth of ink every few weeks between Homeroad and my tutoring but now I probably use $20 a year in ink! Trust me it is a HUGE money saver! 

Next I rubbed the printed paper onto the back of my frame with my finger to make a dent where I should cut it out. 

printable with dents to cut

I then cut out my paper into an oval as a template. I printed out the same words on a piece of card stock. I am using the paper bag colored card stock. 

I used the template I made and cut out the card stock paper, then did the same on a piece of cardboard for the backing of my frame. 

jingle all the way on cardboard

I put the card stock design and the cardboard into the frame and used this handy dandy tool that I call a "kerchunker" to hold the pieces into the frame. It is actually called a point driver. This tool is a must have if you work with frames at all! 

point driver and frame

And that is all I needed to do to turn this $1 church fair find into an adorable sign for Christmas! 

tilt frame jingle sign with bells

And the bells... these bells were an ornament I bought at Target this year. They come in several colors. I just wrapped it around the frame stand and called it a day! 

bells on frame

You could use any words or pictures to do the same thing. And stay tuned for what this can become when the holidays are over! 

jingle frame and lantern

Take a look at some more tilt frames I upcycled in the past. These were a super lucky find! 

antique tilt frames


Jingle sign on mantel with bells

Take a look at that cement vase in the photo above, it is a DIY cement paint treatment!

vintage tilt frame with bells

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vintage tilt frame and overlay


Here are a couple more designs you may want to use: 


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jingle sign with bells


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