Easy Junky Jewelry Clothespin Snowflakes

Today I'm doing a project that uses all the clothespins you've been hanging onto. Today I'm creating wooden clothespin snowflakes and stars with a junky twist! 

In case you happen to be low on clothespins, the dollar store has a package for a dollar that will work perfectly. 

Grab a glue gun and follow along... 

clothespin snowflakes with jewelry in tree

The first thing I did was to pull apart the  clothespins. If you pull the sides in the opposite directions, the little metal clip will fly off. I'm using 8 for the larger snowflake and 5 for the star. 

dollar store clothespins

clothespins taken apart

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I glued 2 pieces with the flat sides together using hot glue. I glued all the clothespins before I started assembling the snowflake. 

Next, I glued 4 snowflakes together at the tips. They have sides that fit together nicely! 

4 clothespins glued together

Then I hot glued 4 more glued clothespins into the corners of the first four. 

At this point you can stain or paint the snowflakes but I like the natural look this time. 

snowflake made with clothespins

Now it was time to decorate! I have a bin of broken jewelry and they are going to be the perfect junky decorations for my snowflakes. 

gem beads on snowflake

I'm using a curtain clip to hang the snowflake, it has a claw end to grip the snowflake and a hook to hang on the tree. 

clothespin snowflake with gems

I made a star using 5 clothespins and used a bell to hot glue in the center which holds the star together. 

This broken necklace made the best hanger and tassel on this one! 

star with necklace and a bell in center

This snowflake ornament uses clothespin pieces and long wooden beads. I used random junky pieces from my workshop in the center and a leather tassel from a necklace at the bottom. 


wooden bead and clothespin ornament with tassel

They look so cute hanging on the tree! 

wooden bead snowflake on flocked tree

snowflake ornament with gems on flocked tree

clothespin ornaments with necklace parts


Use what you have to create inexpensive ornaments that recycle broken jewelry! The kids will love to get involved with this one too, just be sure to use low melt temperature hot glue!

clothespins and clothespin snowflake

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Update: I'm adding a link to my friend Sarah's blog, she made snowflakes the same way and I just found her great tutorial! 

flocked christmas tree with clothespin ornaments


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