Easy Tin Ceiling Distressed Christmas Trees

In case you haven't already noticed, Christmas projects are my absolute favorite thing to make. 

My house is full! I don't sell what I make so everything you see on Homeroad is either for my house or is in storage. I've gotta get back to doing the craft fairs! 

Needless to say, my house is very full in every way at Christmas time! 

Today, I'm recreating a project that is all over Pinterest with my own spin. 

Take a look...

tin ceiling trees, basket and tree

These ceiling tile trees are so fun! I began with a piece of 8" trim molding that I had in my workshop and a stick-on tin ceiling tile from the Dollar tree.

tin ceiling tiles and wood triangles

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I used a circular saw to cut 2 triangles from the board and then sanded the edges. 

circular saw cutting wood

Next, I pulled the sticky backing layer off the back of the stick-on tile and tossed it. I used hot glue to attach the embossed side to the triangles. 

wooden triangle trees on top of stick on tile

tin ceiling trees before paint

I used Fusion Mineral Paint in my favorite color, Raw silk to paint the triangles, it needed 2 coats. Raw Silk is a warm white color with a hint of greyish brown.

painted tin ceiling tile Christmas trees

While the paint was drying I took a few more pieces of scrap wood which were already stained and painted from another project, and created the base and trunks of the trees. 

scraps of wood

I attached the trunk to the base with a nail, wood glue and hot glue then attached Spanish moss around the messy glue. 😂 I attached the bases to the trees with hot glue. 

trunks and bases with Spanish moss

These stems reminded me of the stenciled Christmas trees I made a few years ago with crate painted labels, they are very similar. 

Also, I made some similar plywood trees that were just as easy to make and very popular! 

I wanted to distress the textured surface of the plastic ceiling tile but when I did it turned white, the plastic showed through. I repainted the top again and let it dry.  


rubbing dark wax onto the texture

This time I used my dark wax, put a little on my finger and rubbed it over the bumps. I used it like you would Rub and Buff. That would be a good idea too! ... ooh maybe gold! 

<dark wax on textured trees

Lastly, I attached a bell at the top of the trees using hot glue because I love bells and it also looks great! 😊

bells on top of trees

These trees are so cute! I am definitely adding them to my Christmas decorations!!! 

tin ceiling embossed trees with bells


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embossed christmas tree pin

See the DIY for the easy backpack basket here

embossed tin ceiling trees and a tree with bells


So now I have one more Christmas decoration to find a place for before it is time to put it all away! This is the first year we've decorated the new kitchen since it was finished after Christmas last year! 

tin ceiling trees with bells in kitchen

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trees, a wreath and a christmas tree with bells
Fusion Mineral Paint provided me with the paint. All opinions are my own. 



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