DIY Charcuterie Cutting Board

Here's a project that will take you from Christmas through the winter. 

I'm making a repurposed cabinet door into a charcuterie cutting board in just a few easy steps. 

The design on this project can be whatever you want so not seasonally specific. 

I'm using an adorable tree stencil, come take a look...

charcuterie board with tomatoes and cucumbers

I started this project with a very plain maple cabinet door. I chose a maple cabinet door because of the hardness of the wood. There is no design to the board so it is easy to decorate and transform into something new. 

sanding cabinet door

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A while back I was lucky enough to come across a whole trunk full of cabinet doors and hardware from a cabinet store that was closing. 


I began by sanding the cabinet door to remove the finish. I sanded more around the edges and corners to create a rustic look. 

sanded cabinet door

I'm using this beautiful stencil from Old Sign Stencils called Woodenville Trees. As you can see I've used it before when I made these cute rustic trees for my Christmas village. 

woodenville trees stencil

I stenciled the design with Fusion Mineral Paint in Raw Silk. This is my very favorite color white! 

stenciled trees on sanded cabinet door

When the stencil dried I used Fusion Mineral Paint Stain and Finishing Oil to stain and condition the wood.  According to the company, when cured this stain is considered good to use around food.

stained cutting board with tree stencil

For the legs I gathered 4 champagne corks that were the same size. 

4 champagne corks

I cut off the corks at the bend and used wood glue and a finishing nail to attach to the 4 corners to my board. I've done this to all the cutting boards in my kitchen. The corks keep the cutting boards from sliding on the quartz countertops. 

cork feet on back of cutting board

side view of cutting board with feet

When the stain cured my charcuterie cutting board is ready to use! 

oranges and a cutting board with trees

I'm loving the way it looks in my new kitchen and it is perfect for the holiday season to put out appetizers on a beautiful charcuterie board. 


tomatoes and cucumbers on cutting board

I will also use this board for cutting because the maple wood is very hard and one of the best woods to use for cutting boards. 

cut orange on cutting board

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tomatoes, cucumbers and stencil on wooden board

I just love the tree design and I'll use it well into the winter when I leave my winter tree decor up after Christmas. 

cutting board, tree cutting board and oranges

You can use any stencil you'd like and I suggest taking a peek around the Old Sign Stencils Catalog!

charcuterie board with tomatoes, cucumbers and a knife


My charcuterie cutting board can also be used as a tray on the coffee bar! 

cutting board tray on coffee bar


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cutting board with sliced oranges



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