Unique Bottle Brush Tree Stands

Several years ago I made some upgraded bottle brush trees. I cut off the stand on the bottom and made them look 100% better by giving them a new base! 

This year I had fun with more unique junky items and neutral bottle brush trees.

Come take a look...

row of bottle brush trees on shelf

I'm getting ready to put out my Christmas decorations and as I searched through the box of things I've made over the years, I found the bottle brush trees with block stands.

bottle brush trees with block stands

The old trees are getting a little bent but I'll give them a good cleaning and straightening. Anyway, I have a whole box of inexpensive bottle brush trees so these inspired me to create more cute bases with whatever I could find around the workshop. 

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Here are some other funky trees I've made in the past...

bottle brush trees

I was off to search through my collection of junk. Here are some of the fun things I found to use as bottle brush tree bases. 

These bases are made from the ends of a curtain rod and of course, a vintage hose nozzle. 

bottle brush trees with junky bases

These neutral little cuties are glued into small amber jars and decorated with glitter on the top of the trees. 

neutral glittered trees in amber jars

This little tree has a blueish tint and sits in a mirrored green furniture knob


blue tree in furniture knob

This beautiful gold tree sits on a rusty claw foot that I've had for years. I think it is some kind of foot for a planter. I covered the base with moss and it looks gorgeous in its new home! 

gold tree in claw foot

Next up is a pretty white tree that I attached to a mini pallet from Dollar Tree. It almost makes me want to make this in full size for my family Christmas tree!

white tree on pallet

I think this one is my very favorite. This was a broken tape measure with a photo frame top. I removed the glass and glued the tree right inside with a little moss to cover the base. 

tape measure christmas tree base

This one is for all the rusty junk lovers. It is a rusty old pulley. I glued the tree right to the top and covered the original base with Spanish moss

white tree on rusty pulley

You may recognize the base to this pretty white tree. It is a small candle from Anthropologie, I try not to throw anything beautiful away! 

white tree in Anthro candle

And lastly, these small green trees sit inside large colored wooden beads. They look very festive with the bright colored bases. 

trees in colorful wooden beads

All lined up and ready to decorate! 

bottle brush trees lined up on workbench


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white tree on pulley with overlay pin

I'm adding all these adorable junky bottle brush trees to the shelves in my living room for the holidays. 

trees on shelves

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bottle brush trees on shelf


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