Stenciled Metal Christmas Tree Crate

Right about now you are all probably decorated for Christmas already but if you're like me, you're adding little touches every day! 

Until it is time to take it down right after Christmas that is. 😂

This project however can be added at the last minute or decorated with a different design for another day! 

Take a look...

Metal crate with 25 stencil

I have a bunch of crates and boxes in my basement that I just don't use very often so today I'm grabbing one of those galvanized drawers and giving it a makeover. 

galvanized crate with green paint

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I'm giving the galvanized drawer a quick coat of Hazelwood by Fusion Mineral Paint. This is a gorgeous color and in my house, a color I will use all year long! 

galvanized drawer with green paint

When the paint dried I stenciled the number 25 onto the side of the drawer using black craft paint and cardboard stenciled numbers

cardboard numbers 25

The good news here is that I'm leaving the other side of the crate without a design so I can flip it around and use it all year long! 

crate with stenciled 25

I gave the crate a quick couple squirts of flat black spray paint to distress the corners. I found that if I hold the can sideways and burst spray it, it will spray out speckles of paint which is just what I wanted. 

For the inside I'm using a piece of scrapbook paper with a pinecone design. I thought it would be a good idea once I fill the box with pinecones, it hides the bright shiny galvanized steel.

crate and pinecone scrapbook paper

But if you're looking for a way to dull down or age the galvanized steel, take a look at this project where I did just that


I attached the pinecone paper to the inside of the crate using glue. I only lined the back and bottom of the crate. 

metal crate with pinecone paper inside

Lastly, I filled the newly fashioned metal crate with a light up Christmas tree and pinecones.

assorted pinecones



Christmas tree in crate with pinecones

pinecones and a tree in a metal crate

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pinecone crate with tree and overlay

This is a quick addition to your Christmas decor and like I said, flip it around and use it all year long! The color is amazing! 

crate and folded Christmas tree

You can read all about the folded Christmas tree from a repurposed book here. 

Christmas tree, a wreath, a ladder and a crate

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wreath ladder and Christmas crate



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