Christmas Row Houses Shelf with Hooks

Here is a fun project for all you Christmas house and village lovers. 

I used a great stencil that makes it so easy to paint houses with doors, windows and a roof. 

Today I wanted to step away from the traditional wooden houses and try something new. 

Take a look ...

village row house shelf

I began with a piece of reclaimed wood from my basement approximately 30" long and 8" wide. I cut a 3" strip off the board to use as my shelf. The reclaimed board I was using was a piece of moulding and had a decorative edge on one side, you can use any board cut to the size you need.  

board with fusion mineral paint and stencil

I painted the wood with Raw Silk by Fusion Mineral Paint. I use Fusion Paint for most of my projects because it sticks to anything and looks amazing! 

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christmas village stencil

I am using the Christmas Village stencil from Old Sign Stencils. It makes adorable wooden houses for a village and you can see amazing houses that Donna made here. 

stencil with taped off houses

Since I made primitive wooden houses in the past (and now really wish I had this stencil back then to do the doors and windows) today I'm trying something new. 

I began with the roofs and  stenciled them black all the way across my board. I made sure when cutting the board to size that the repeating house pattern would fit. 

board with stenciled roofs

Next, I stenciled the houses in a light grey called Little Lamb. I only did one coat because I was going for a distressed look in the end. Use colors that work best in your home. 

stenciled houses in grey

I added the doors and windows with black, which if you had to paint them in yourself is hard! The stencil made it so easy! 

stenciled doors and windows on houses

board with stenciled houses

Next, I attached the 3" shelf with wood glue and nails then painted it black.

shelf at bottom of village

Lastly, I distressed the board and shelf then used Transformations Decorative Glaze to make the village look old. 

distressed and antiqued village

I'm adding black steel hooks that attach to the back of the shelf to create a long shelf perfect for hanging things. 

black steel hooks

If you aren't a math major you're going to have to eyeball the placement on the back like I did! 🙋

screw hooks to back

hooks on shelf

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Christmas village shelf with overlay

You can add little trees and wreaths to use the shelf for Christmas but this can be left plain for decorating all year round.

bottle brush tree on shelf

shelf with Christmas trees and basket hanging


Shelf with hooks, houses and hanging basket

village houses with basket

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shelf with trees and houses

Old Sign Stencils provided me with the stencil to create this sign. All opinions are my own. 


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