Cardboard Tube Ornaments and Garland

I saw the cutest cardboard stars made by Living Inspiration on Instagram and I knew I had to give them a try! With a small twist of course!  

Everyone has cardboard tubes, toilet paper tubes, paper towel tubes, even gift wrap tubes. Today I'm giving a couple of those a try and creating a beautiful garland and ornaments with them.

Come take a peek...

paper garland with bell and stick garland

I saw these ornaments in a video by Art Design PH. Please visit this link to see the original artist in action! 

cutting paper towel roll

First, I started with a paper towel tube. I flattened out the tube and cut slits in it that were about 1/2" wide. You'll need three of them for each ornament. 

cardboard tube 2 pieces

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cardboard stars

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I cut a triangle in both sides of the fold on each strip then used glue dots to hold the 3 pieces together.

santa ornament and backpack basket with greens and ornaments

They came out beautiful and I hung them on the greens in a basket. The Adirondack basket is one I made, take a look at how. The chunky carved Santa was a gift from my brother many years ago. 

cardboard ornaments on greens in basket

I decided to make some larger ornaments using the thick cardboard from the end of my gift wrap. Some wrap comes with a cardboard tube but mine came with heavy cardboard coiled together. 

cardboard tube

Again, I flattened the tube and cut 1" slits. I cut triangles in the end just like the smaller ones. These tube slits had several layers so I needed a few more glue dots to hold them in place.

tube strips

cardboard star ornaments

cardboard stars

Once I made a bunch of them I began stringing them onto jute twine. 

cardboard ornaments on jute

The garland I created was perfect to hang with the rag bell garland and the BOHO stick garland I recently made to hang in my kitchen window. 

trio of Christmas garlands


reindeer, wreath and garland

The reindeer has been hanging there all year long, I just keep changing the wreath to go with the season. 

reindeer with wreath and garland

The garland is the perfect addition and I'm always making garlands to swap out with the seasons. 

paper star garland

cardboard tube, stick and bell garland

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cardboard tube ornament garland pin


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garland with cardboard stars



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